All Architecture is Biography:

Whether it informs the nature of the subject/client, or the writer/architect, or even the nature of writing/architecture itself, the biography is as mutable in literature as it is in architecture.

Twenty years of partnership, not just with architects but with graphic designers, industrial designers and digital designers along with the complement of conventional architectural collaborators (landscape, structural, lighting design, etc.) changed the way we see design.

Identity is, for us, the Rosetta Stone.


Harley-Davidson Museum
Voting Booth Project
Koch Institute Gallery
The Glass House
Kimbell Museum DFW
I Want to Take You Higher
Stay Cool
Sex in Design
Time Capsule 2000
Bausch & Lomb
Center for Creative Photography
Elvis is in the Building
The Power of Maps
John Bull & Uncle Sam
Designing the Taxi
American Museum of Natural History
Reinventing Grand Army Plaza
Kennedy Institute for the US Senate

Private Residences

AD France Photos Montauk Houses
Oceanfront Residence
Oceanfront Guest House
Bayside Residence
Sten-Frenke House
Devonshire Residence
Spruce Residence
Work Loft
Tribeca Residence
Sagaponack Houses
Armonk Residence
Central Park West Residence
Loft Residence
Aberdeen Residence
Greens Farm Residence
Wooster Street Loft
Aspen Residence
Westport Residence
Swiss Army House
Elevator Gallery
HAUS. Luxury Private Residences


Pizza Vinoteca
Time Out New York: New York's Best Best Made Co.!
Goodbye Mesa Grill
JBF LTD Pop-up Restaurant
The Glass House
La Salsa
Bolo Restaurant
Arizona Cardinals
The Globe
The Good Diner
Gotham Bar & Grill
Judson Grill
Mesa City
Mesa Grill
Mike's American
N & B
Route 66
Sullivan's Restaurant
Taco Bueno
UPS World Services
Clerc Watches


Superbowl Stuff: The Locker Rooms
Arizona Cardinals
Muzak Headquarters
JEHT Foundation
Preview Center
Biber Architects
AIGA Headquarters
Weeds Showtime Showhouse
Macaulay Honors College
New Offices!
Goodbye to Jon Stewart
600 Columbus Ave.
Eric Baker Design
Gray Construction
Koppel & Scher
Mohawk Fine Paper
Pentagram Design
Plus One Fitness
Retroneu/ Farberware
Stein Rogan & Partners
Clerc Watches
Corian Design Center
Corian ICFF Exhibit
110 W 90 St.
Tom & Jerry Boyswear


EXPO Milan 2015: USA Pavilion
Brooklyn Library
EXPO Milano 2015 !
NYC Dept. of Probation Hubs
Fashion Center
DTA Telephone Booth
Grand Army Plaza
Newark Gateways
Fashion District
TKTS Booth
Vertical Zoo
European Solidarity Center
White House Redux
Harley-Davidson Museum
Reinventing Grand Army Plaza
USA EXPO Pavilion Announced!
NYC Probation Resource Hubs 2.0